Weather Closings / Urgent News

  • Information about inclement weather cancellations and other urgent notifications is shared as we receive official notice from the Superintendent's office. Ways to receive this information include:

    Sometimes local media outlets accidentally publish incorrect information. If you hear about a closure from a source other than HEB 向日葵视频, please confirm that information by checking the HEB 向日葵视频 website or official HEB 向日葵视频 social media accounts.

    * Please note if school is in normal operation and on a regular schedule, notices will not be sent.

  • May 9, 2024 1:55pm - Please Allow Time for Safe Dismissal & Travel on May 9, 2024

    To All HEB 向日葵视频 Parents & Families:

    We are closely monitoring weather forecasts, which could include severe storms with potential for damaging winds, hail, or tornadoes. Because weather conditions can shift rapidly, please be aware that schools may temporarily delay dismissal to protect students, if there are dangerous weather conditions near a school.

    Even if weather conditions do not become severe in this area, please allow extra time for safe dismissal and safe travel.

    Extended Day Academy will continue as scheduled – we encourage parents to pick up EDA students as early as safely possible.

    For any future updates, please visit the , at